Anti-Bullying Policy



It is the aim of Meadowbank Gymnastics Club (MGC) to create a safe and fun environment to develop the gymnast’s potential whilst fulfilling our members’ enjoyment in their gymnastic experience. We also strive to provide opportunities for gymnasts to achieve their potential whilst building on and developing fundamental skills, improve general well being and confidence.

MGC will not tolerate any form of bullying or bullish behaviour which undermines the concentration / confidence of another member. This includes the following:

Racial comments / behaviour
Sexual comments / behaviour
Verbal abuse i.e. name calling, exclusion etc
Physical bullying i.e. hitting, kicking etc

Incidents of bullying will be dealt with instantaneously either by the Head Coach or Child Protection Co-ordinator (CPC). Any complaints of bullying will be recorded by one of the above named persons, taking into account the views from all relevant parties.

All parties will be involved in deciding the outcomes/actions in agreement with the Head Coach and/or CPC, the aim of which is to resolve the situation in line and adherence to the Clubs code of conduct. All warnings will be appropriate to the offender and eligible for appeal via the CPC if there are any concerns.

In the event that issues cannot be resolved to a satisfactory conclusion, then the offender may be excluded from the Club. The final decision in this situation will be made by the Head Coach.

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