1. Name

The club is called Meadowbank Gymnastics Club and is affiliated to Scottish Gymnastics.

2. Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the club will be:

To offer quality coaching and competitive opportunities in participation level and high performance gymnastics.
To promote the club within the local and gymnastics communities.
To ensure a duty of care is adhered to all members of the club.
To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone and offers opportunities for all.
To ensure that all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment regardless of age, gender, race or ability.

3. Membership

Membership of the Gymnastic Club is open to all new members regardless of age, gender, race or ability.

All club members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and on joining the club they will be

deemed to accept these regulations and codes of conduct that the club has adopted.

4. Training Fees

Training fees will be set by the clubs head coach and treasurer in consultation with parents at the annual

AGM. However the Head Coach and Treasurer will have the final say when a decision is required.


5. Club Committee Officers

The officers of the club committee will be:

Chair (Executive committee)
Secretary (Executive committee)
Treasurer (Executive committee)
Child Protection Coordinator (Executive committee)
Head Coach (Executive committee)
A number of ordinary members

*Officers will be elected annually at the AGM from among the members / parents of the gymnasts. All
officers will retire each year but will be eligible for re-appointment if they wish.

6. Club AGM

The club will hold an AGM in March at which time the Chair and Treasurer shall each present a report to the

members. At the AGM the officers of the club’s committee will be elected for the coming year. The Members

will also discuss and vote on any resolution (whether about policy or to change the Rules) and deal with any

other business put to the meeting.

All General Meetings:

All members may attend all general meetings in person
Such meetings need a minimum of 3 weeks notice to members
The quorum for all general members is 6 members
The chair or (in their absence) another member chosen at the meeting shall preside
Expect as otherwise provided in these rules every resolution shall be decided by a majority of the votes. Formalities in connection with General Meetings (such as how to put down resolutions) shall be decided by the Committee and publicised to Club members

7. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

An EGM shall be called by an application in writing to the Secretary supported by at least 25% of the member of the club. The Executive committee shall also have the power to call an EGM by decision of a simple majority of its members.

8. Club Structure

The club is managed by the club committee and head coach. This partnership is responsible for the management of coaches and for adopting/reviewing new policies, codes of conduct and rules that affect these elements of the club.

The Club Committee shall consist of the Committee Members stated above.

The Head coach will be responsible for disciplinary hearings of gymnasts and coaches who infringe the Club Disciplinary Procedure. Head coach/committee will be responsible for taking any action of suspension or discipline.

9. Finance

The treasurer will control the finances of the club for the payment of hall hires, club membership to the SGA and payment of competitions, and in addition will ensure all gymnasts pay their monthly training fees.

All club monies raised through monthly subscriptions and fundraising work done by the Club Committee will be banked in an account held in the name of the club.

The Club Treasurer will be responsible for the funds raised by the Club Committee.

The financial year of the club will end on: 28th February.

10. Discipline and Appeals

For complaints regarding the behaviour of a gymnast/coach please see the club’s disciplinary procedure.

All complaints regarding the behaviour of coaches should be raised with the coach in the first instance. Should the issue continue then complaints should be submitted in writing to the Head coach. All complaints will be dealt with accordingly by the head coach and committee in line with the disciplinary procedure stated in this handbook.

11. Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any assets thereof shall not be distributed amongst the members of the Club in any way whatsoever, but should be donated to Meadowbank Leisure centre for the continued use of all Clubs using Meadowbank facilities. Any monetary funds remaining will be donated to Scottish Gymnastics.

12. Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to the constitution can be put forward by a majority vote of the Club Committee to the head coach. The head coach and coaching team along with the chair of the committee have sole authority to change the constitution.

13. Declaration

Meadowbank Gymnastic Club hereby adopts and accepts this constitution as a current operating guide regulating the actions of members.

Meadowbank Gymnastics Club – Registered Office: Glenearn Cottage, Edinburgh Road, Port Seton, EH32 0HQ

Company Limited by Guarantee – Registered in Scotland No. 523096 – Scottish Charity No. SC046254