Disciplinary/Complaints/Grievance Procedures


Procedure for unacceptable behaviour displayed by gymnasts.

If a coach feels a gymnast has displayed unacceptable behaviour within the gymnastic environment they will be given a verbal warning (see Gymnasts’ Code of Conduct for details of expectations for its members), or if deemed appropriate (eg safety issue) they may be asked to sit out of the session for a length of time deemed acceptable by the coach who issued the warning. The coach is responsible for explaining to the gymnast why they have been told to sit out and why it was deemed unacceptable behaviour. This will also be recorded in a log sheet, so that we have a record and repeated issues can be discussed with the parent.

At the end of the class the coach will inform the parent as to why the gymnast was asked to sit out. Parents will be given the chance to discuss their child’s behaviour with the coach and if necessary, the head coach in order to resolve any difficulties.

If there has been no improvement in a gymnast’s behaviour or further incidents occur then the head coach and child protection co-ordinator will agree with the coaching team on an appropriate course of action. The Gymnast and parents will be advised of any action required to try and resolve the situation further.

The Parents/guardians’ have a right to appeal against any decision. This should be made in writing and a further meeting with the two named persons above will be made. Collectively they will decide on any further action to be taken.

In the event that a situation cannot be resolved, the final decision to remove a gymnast from the club, will be made with the agreement of the Head Coach and CPC.

Procedure for unacceptable behaviour displayed by coaches / volunteers.

If a parent feels a coach/volunteer has displayed unacceptable behaviour within their respective codes of practice they must report this to both the Head Coach and CPC, or if the issue relates to the Head Coach the CPC.

The CPC / Head coach will address the concern with the relevant individual who will be given a verbal warning and a written report will be placed on the appropriate coach’s file.

Any further incidents will result in a written warning and may lead to dismissal from the Club.

If the complaint is relating to negligence of duty of care or child protection concerns (i.e. abuse) the CPC must follow the guidelines of Scottish Gymnastics and ensure confidentiality is maintained throughout the relevant procedures.

Grievance procedure

A grievance procedure will be carried out by an independent and neutral member of the club i.e. CPC or committee member to ensure the individual case is reviewed fairly and the individual is given the right to continue working/coaching in the club, if appropriate.


We are happy for a parent to speak to their child’s coach or head coach regarding something specific to their child’s development or if it is a quick question that the coach can answer for them. Parent’s should arrange to speak to the Coach/Head Coach at the beginning or end of a session.

However, if a parent feels they have a concern with aspects of the running of the Club, eg Coaching, Communication, Finances then this should be put in writing and handed to a member of the Committee, or an email sent to the club mailbox meadowbankgc@gmail.com.

This will be discussed by relevant members of the committee and any investigation or action required will be taken. The committee will also arrange to meet with any relevant parties and ensure that everyone is informed of the outcome.

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